Real Christmas Trees For Sale Around Oxford

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Real Christmas Trees For Sale Around Oxford

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by Jorge Barrios, via Wikimedia Commons

Here are some of the local suppliers with Christmas trees for sale in Oxford, Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. We hope you can find the perfect Christmas tree to buy for your home this Christmas!


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While Oxford Christmas Trees For Sale Today regularly update the information displayed below, we advise you to contact each Christmas Tree supplier to ensure that they still have real Christmas trees in stock.


OX1 Post Code

The Garden

Covered Market, Oxford, OX1 3DY.

01865 240709


Oxford Garden Centre

Southern By Pass, Oxford, OX1 5AR.

0844 2885109

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 OX2 Post Code

The Post Box

82 Godstow Road, Wolvercote, Oxford, OX2 8NY


Flash in the Pan

update for 2016: Banbury Road, Summertown, adjacent to Oxfam Shop

01865 513812


Daisies Flower Shop

106 Walton Street, Jericho, Oxford, OX2 6AJ.

01865 554882


  OX3 Post Code

Mill Brook Farm

Mill Lane, Marston, Oxford, OX3 0QD.


The Garden

79 London Road Headington, Oxford, OX3 9AA.

01865 308647


OX5 Post Code

Bunkers Hill Garden Shop

Bunkers Hill, Nr. Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 3BA.

01869 331492


Yarnton Nurseries

Sandy Lane, Yarnton, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, OX5 1PA.

01865 372124


 OX7 Post Code

Hilltop Garden Centre

Witney Road, Chipping Norton, OX7 3AS.

01993 868403

OX11 Post Code

Chilton Garden Centre

Newbury Road, Chilton, nr. Didcot, OX11 0QN.

0844 2885127


 OX13 Post Code

Appleton Christmas Barn

Hengrove Farm, Eaton Road, Appleton, Oxfordshire, OX13 5JJ.

01865 862908


Frosts at Millets Farm

Kingston Road, Frilford, Oxfordshire, OX13 5HB.

01865 391923


OX15 Post Code

Hadsham Farm

Hadsham House, Manor Farm, Horley, Banbury, Oxon., OX15 6BN.

01295 730745


OX17 Post Code

Barn Farm Plants Garden Centre

Upper Wardington, Oxfordshire, OX17 1SN.

01295 758080


OX18 Post Code

Bampton Garden Plants

Bampton Garden Plants, Buckland Road, Bampton, Oxon., OX18 2AA.

01993 852233


OX25 Post Code

Bicester Avenue Garden Centre

Bicester Avenue, Bicester, OX25 2NY.

0844 2885174


OX27 Post Code

Stratton Audley Christmas Barn

West Farm Barns, Launton Road, Stratton Audley, Near Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX27 9AS.

01869 278184


OX44 Post Code

Notcutts Garden Centre

Nuneham Courtenay, Oxford, OX44 9PY.

0344 8794166


OX49 Post Code

The Tree Barn

Greenfield Farm, Christmas Common, Watlington, OX49 5HG.

01491 614206 (answerphone)


SN Post Code

Farmer Gow’s

Fernham Road, Longcot, nr Faringdon, SN7 7PR.

01793 780555


HP Post Code

Haddenham Garden Centre

Stanbridge Road, Haddenham, Bucks HP17 8HN.

01844 290395


World’s End Garden Centre

Aylesbury Road, Wendover, Bucks., HP22 6BD.

0844 2885053


MK Post Code

Claydon Christmas Tree Farm

Stone Court Barn, West Street, Steeple Claydon, Bucks., MK18 2LJ.

01296 733646


NN Post Code

Wakefield Lodge Estate

Potterspury, Northamptonshire, NN12 7QX.

01327 811218


Porterswood Farm

Whittlebury, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 8TE

N.B. Planted Trees will be available in: 2016


While Oxford Christmas Trees For Sale Today endeavour to ensure the accuracy of the information displayed on this page, we advise you to check with any Christmas Tree supplier that there is still real Christmas tree availability. Read more »

Christmas Tree Buying Solutions

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Christmas tree buying can be a stressful experience. You want your Christmas to be as perfect as possible after all, so it is a good start knowing what to look for among all those Christmas trees for sale. Here are some of the most regular questions that come up each year.

Which particular varieties of tree are less prone to needle-drop?
One of the most well-liked trees just now is the Nordmann Fir (the majority of trees you will find in the UK will be this species). It is known as a ‘non-drop tree’, and you will find that it has much better needle retention compared to the standard Norway Spruce, which used to be one of our most popular trees. Do you remember all those needles on the carpet when you were growing up? Not so much of a problem with the the Nordmann Fir.

Christmas Tree Buying Solutions
Is a real living Xmas tree just for Christmas – or can it be for life?

A pot-grown tree will have already spent its life in a pot buried in the ground. It is well used to this as its natural environment. The pot needs to have splits in it to make sure that its roots can flourish and absorb the water and also the nutrients they require. The major root-structure does remain within the pot all the time, which keeps it healthy. If you buy a potted Christmas tree then it should have an excellent opportunity of living on.

However, you may perhaps acquire a ‘potted tree’, which has actually been dug out of the ground, its roots cut back to make it fit into a pot. This type of potted tree should have a possibility of survival beyond Christmas, though less than a truly pot-grown example.

Much less frequently now you will come across Christmas trees for sale with their bare roots. They do have a tiny opportunity of growing on; clearly, however, one that has been entirely cut off is effectively a dead tree.

How do I know what is a great cut-off Chrismas tree?

You can find out if you are looking at a top quality cut-off tree by first of all rubbing your fingers along the branches to ensure the needles aren’t falling off. Tap it gently a few times. Initially you may find that a few brownish needles will cascade from the tree, because you will always have some brownish needles within the branches; the second time you tap the tree you need to observe whether there is any significant droppage of green needles. That is the key test.

How should I look after my cut-off tree when I bring it home?
When you arrive home with your newly-bought cut-off tree, the first thing you need to do is to saw off about 2cm from the bottom of the trunk and immediately put it in clean water. This is because when you saw the tree like this, its natural response is to attempt to heal itself. So although the concept of cutting an already cut tree may at first seem strange, even contradictory, it is designed to encourage it to drink up the water as soon as possible. You will be surprised at its thirst! A freshly cut tree can suck up as much as 6 or 7 litres of water, depending on its size of course. Obviously you should replace this water directly.

Is there anything I should do before moving my newly bought Christmas tree from outside to inside?
Clearly, your tree has been used to a colder environment rather than a centrally heated room. One of the most important things to consider is where the coolest location is. Try to position your tree in the coolest place, well away from the dry heat of a radiator. Treat it as you would if you brought home some cut flowers.

What varieties of tree can you recommend?

Certainly a Norway spruce will be a good buy. However, you should be aware that it really does need more looking after. The Norway Spruce has a really lovely scent, and as long as you keep it in water it should last well without serious deterioration.

Many people like to make Christmas tree buying into an occasion. There is just the one time of the year when you invite a tree right into the the house, after all. Don’t you think that marks the beginning of the Christmas season, when the Christmas tree is brought into your home?

Which Real Christmas Tree Shall I Buy?

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Arbol Navidad 03
Which Christmas Tree Shall I Buy? There is such a large variety of Christmas trees that the choice may be bewildering. Not all of these Christmas trees are for sale today in the Oxford area, but if you look hard enough – by referring to our Oxford Christmas Tree Suppliers Directory – then you have a good chance of finding Christmas trees in Oxford, Oxfordshire and close by which will match the perfect tree of your dreams.

Let us help, by describing the types of tree that you are likely to have visualized as the perfect Christmas tree to buy. Exactly what is in your mind’s eye? Is it this?

The Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce (picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

This is one of the classic trees, its pointed green needles projecting from each pulvinus (that’s the name for the little peg-like joint which attaches to the branch – well worth knowing for any Christmas quizzes coming up).

The Noble Fir

Noble Fir

The Noble Fir (picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

If blue-ish grey needles suit your colour scheme then the inch-long needles (OK, 25mm) of the Noble Fir will complete the look. Although these trees originate from the western states of the USA they have long been a favourite in Britain, since pre-Victorian times.

The Lodgepole Pine

Lodgepole Pine

The Lodgepole Pine (picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

A bit different, this one, and uncommon in these parts. Another tree from North America, particularly loved by the indigenous ‘Red Indian’ tribes in search of a central tepee or wigwam pole. Three guesses how this tree got its name??? The long needles (4 – 8 cm), and show off a yellow-green tinge, and their twisted aspect and growth in pairs is a novelty feature for those unfamiliar with this tree. You may well remain so, as they are not especially easy to find – but you never know! Take a look in our online Oxfordshire Christmas Tree Supplier Directory right here.

The Scots Pine

Scots Pine

The Scots Pine, in its natural habitat

Bearing some of the features of the tree described above (large, twisted needles, growing in pairs), although blue-green in colour the Scots Pine is, unsurprisingly, a lot easier to find in Britain.

The Nordman Fir

Nordman Fir Christmas Tree

The Nordman Fir Christmas Tree (picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

If you want to buy a Christmas Tree like the Nordman Fir then you will have one of the all-time classic Christmas trees to decorate. This increasingly popular tree originates from the Russian Causacsus, and it entirely captures the image of Christmas. The needles are not especially prickly, nor do they readily cascade to the floor. Could you resist buying a Christmas tree like this?

Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce Christmas tree

The Blue Spruce

Well, this one also runs as a close favourite when looking to buy a real Christmas tree. The strongly blue effect of the needles makes this one of the most desirable Christmas trees.

The Serbian Spruce

Serbian Spruce

The Serbian Spruce (picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

Principally a central European favourite, this is a somewhat slender tree in comparison with the fuller shape of others described here, but its Christmas tree credentials are without doubt, with 10-20mm dark blue-green needles.

The Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

The Fraser Fir (picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

Increasingly a popular Christmas tree to buy in Britain, the Fraser Fir’s sweet yet mild fragrance, its soft needles and highly suitable shape for decorations make this a tree worth looking out for in the Real Christmas Tree Oxford Suppliers Directory.

One of the real Christmas trees shown above, must surely fit the bill! So now you just need to know where to buy a Christmas tree that suits your home and suits your pocket. Or perhaps you may be looking for something completely different – like this!
purple christmas tree

…and finally. Ghost Story for Christmas anyone? Click Here for your free daily Ghost Story to read during Advent.


Buy a Black Christmas Tree For a Chic Christmas

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Who would have thought when the artificial tree first became popular that the traditional green shade would eventually range far beyond the colour of the noble fir tree. The choices now appear to be almost endless in the family of fake Christmas trees for sale. You could select from aluminium, pre-lit, fibre optic in all the colours of the rainbow – or why not opt to buy a black Christmas tree this year?

The Most Chic Style Of All

This would be perhaps the most chic style of all to lend its elegant aura to your house at Christmas. A traditionalist may recoil, but that could be part of the attraction!christmas trees for sale

Yes, if you want a singular and stylish tree for the season then buying a black Christmas tree will definitely mark you out. The tree of the year, its basis is in the classic art motif of simple black and white. This has long been high on the must have list for the fashion conscious, and the combination is still a favourite with decorators wishing to make a fashion statement.

A Stylish Concept

The black-coloured artificial Christmas tree originated in the UK round about 2005, and the vogue has since been exported to the United States as a stylish concept. After all, it will stand out strikingly in a room with fitted white blinds, a white or an off-white carpet, and maybe with white painted walls. And of course it matches brilliantly well with black furniture and stainless steel tables.

The minimalist scene is complete. What better way of striking a balance of colour schemes than to buy a black Christmas tree and matching it to its surroundings? This is strikingly different to the somewhat garish multi-coloured effect of other Christmas trees for sale which are then decorated with a variety of coloured lights and ornaments.

So, black Christmas trees have emerged once again as a sophisticated and chic alternative to the traditional green Christmas trees for sale. And of course it is a great conversation starter at your Christmas party.

Buy a Pink Christmas Tree?

Another centrepiece of a Christmas party conversation could be a Christmas tree of an entirely different colour and effect. Have you thought of the fantastic style statement you would make if your were to buy a pink Christmas tree this year? Or you could simply buy a white Christmas tree, maybe even buy a green Christmas tree for the sake of tradition, and then enhance it with a pink decorative theme.

Here are several ways of creating that pink look without breaking the bank.

Think about it, are you able to look at pink without also thinking about the pink icing that often decorates a cup cake? You can look out for some cupcake ornaments in local stores. Another great way of introducing a pink theme could be some sort of pink candied sweet? A candy-themed tree idea isn’t uncommon, but they are mostly red and white themes. If you are setting out for a pink candy theme, perhaps you should concentrate on the range of ice cream colours for your decorations. Those ice cream scoops are full of pastel pinks and lilac, maybe with a little vanilla.

Re-Using Your Old Christmas Decorations

So this can be a terrific way of re-using your old Christmas decorations which have long been past their best. You could simply paint the theme colours on them, then add a little iridescent sparkle. You may also be able to find pink ice cream cones or lollipops as decorations for sale in local stores. They would be ideal for the pink theme. You can also browse online, but be sure to consider the size carefully before you buy. A one inch lollipop is unlikely to show up very well, particularly on six or seven foot Christmas trees for sale.

Themed ornaments could be quite expensive if you find Christmas trees for sale with wide spreading branches. So if you are unable to afford as many themed ornaments as you would like, why not buy just a few and then fill in the gaps with inexpensive ribbon bows? You can probably buy a large reel of pink ribbon quite cheaply just before Christmas. Any white or silver Christmas ornaments you may have can then be hung from your tree with a small pink bow tied around them. There you have it, producing the pink theme at a very low cost.

This Christmas you could buy Christmas trees for sale in black, white, green or pink and still have a great effect by using some of these tips. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Buy An Upside Down Christmas Tree This Year?

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Have you considered that it was possible to buy an upside down Christmas tree? Of all the Christmas Trees For Sale today this one would probably be the greatest talking point, but more importantly it would be an original, attractive decoration for the Christmas season. An upside down Christmas tree is inverted in a perfect way for a home with restricted space. It will not take up a great deal of floor area and a hallway can be enhanced from floor to ceiling.

The Upside Down Effect

You may be surprised to learn that this upside down effect was first seen in Europe as long ago as the twelfth century, and later used to depict the Holy Trinity during the Middle Ages.Nevertheless, as a symbol of Christianity there are bound to be dissenting voices in this regard since the tip is pointing downwards rather than up towards heaven as one would associate with the Holy Trinity.

Christmas Trees for Sale

An Interesting And Original Christmas Decoration

In the present day, inverted trees are considered to be an interesting, original type of Christmas decoration. A big advantage of this style is to be able to display fragile or expensive ornaments relatively safely. Also, of course, any extra floor space is useful for storing more Christmas presents!

The Tree That Grows – In Popularity!

The upside down Christmas tree has grown in popularity over recent years, to the point where the ceiling height pre-lit versions may well be marketed by high-end retailers for several hundred pounds. Luckily, it is possible to buy an upside down Christmas Tree for less, however – if you know where to look!

Is an upside down Christmas tree a fad tree? Will it be brought out on just a few occasions to bring a new flavor to your Christmas decorations before the fad passes? The upside down Christmas trees for sale do possess some unique assets due to their design, however. For example, you may have problems at Christmas from children and pets which cause your tree to look a little distressed? Well, the design of an upside down tree cleverly places the fullest part of the tree, the branches which are often loaded with Christmas ornaments, closer to the ceiling than the zealous hands of little ones and curious pets.

Picking The Best Christmas Tree To Suit You

There are so many choices of Christmas trees for sale that it can be difficult to know where to start. You could choose to buy a real Christmas tree, an artificial tree, table top tree, a red tree, a pink tree, a purple tree, and others colors too many to list. Here are some suggestions for picking the best Christmas trees for sale to suit you. To look just right in your home a Christmas tree needs to be perfect for your surroundings and the space it will comfortably fit in.

The Cost

The cost is always going to be a factor, particularly in the current economic climate. In fact in any economic climate most people have to watch the pennies at Christmas time. After all, 8-foot real Christmas trees for sale in some big cities could well be priced at higher than £50, possibly much more. So you will need to stick to a budget. Bear in mind on the other hand that a live tree may only last one year, whatever your aspirations of reusing a potted tree each Christmas. An artificial tree, of course, should last for many years. So can consider spending more money on an artificial Christmas tree for sale. A high quality one can mean a Christmas tree for life, not just for Christmas!

So you must decide on whether to buy a live Christmas tree or one of the many types of artificial Christmas trees for sale. Live Christmas trees are normally farmed using economically sound principles nowadays so that should not an issue. A live Christmas tree will require more attention, it will shed needles regularly, and can be a potential fire hazard. Unless you plan to try keeping it for the following Christmas it will also need to be somehow disposed of afterwards.

Buy an artificial Christmas tree and you will miss the wonderful natural smell of a real tree, but you will of course have less fuss and clearing up to do. You will also have a simply enormous range of styles and colors available. How about finding upside down purple Christmas trees for sale?

Christmas Trees For Sale in Blue Fibre Optic!

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Christmas trees can come in all sorts of colours, and blue fibre optic Christmas trees for sale may be a little bit different! If you are fed up with constantly having to sweep up the needles shed from a Christmas tree or wiping the sap from your clothes when trying to make your Christmas tree look worthy of your Yuletide celebrations then there are a lot of advantages if you buy a fibre optic Christmas tree (in blue) to celebrate around this Christmas.Christmas Trees For Sale

If you are unhappy to witness your Christmas tree dying each year and leaving it for the council to collect in the New Year, then a good quality fibre-optic Christmas tree could be the solution. It refuses to shed needles and sap, and there is little chance of it rotting and drying up. A Christmas tree to recycle in the best possible way in fact – every year! The optimum artificial Christmas trees for sale will be made from a fire resistant polyvinyl, thus minimising the chance of any accidental fiery mistakes.

A Safer Alternative

Not only do fibre optic Christmas trees for sale offer a safer alternative, but they can also be very compact and versatile. It would be difficult to fit one of the beautifully broad branched real Christmas trees for sale into the slim fitting area which can accommodate an artificial Christmas tree. Not only that but modern advancements in technology have brought about incredibly lifelike artificial Christmas trees for sale, so there is often virtually no way to differentiate between an artificial and a living tree without close examination.

Artificial Christmas trees have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. They are normally less expensive than a natural Christmas trees for sale, and they are less trouble to handle and look after. And, of course, they can also be put in storage to be brought out for many Christmases to come. So taking into consideration that if you buy real Christmas trees every year and that they are unlikely to still be available at the next Christmas, then it has been calculated that they could cost at least three times as much as if you buy a real Christmas tree.

An Economical Choice

They have been convenient not only in economy but also in maintenance. They are cleaner than the natural trees. They are convenient to handle. In addition, there are storage So some of the advantages if you decide to buy an artificial tree – perhaps one of the blue fibre optic Christmas Trees For Sale on this web  site? – is that you can place them in storage bags for years to come, dust-free and ready to display.

In general good quality artificial Christmas trees for sale will have a ten-year warranty, although to be truthful it is quite common to find low budget Christmas trees for sale which will be limited to just a three to five years warranty period. A company’s reputation is also very important in addition to the warranty period, as their reputation will verify the real quality of your fake Christmas tree. Also, of course, a reputable company is more likely to respond to any unforeseen complaints about minor or major damage to the tree when you receive it.

Whatever the tree you choose, have a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Trees For Sale Cheap and Inspirational

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Christmas trees for sale cheap either offline or online can quite easily be dressed up to look like a million dollars with a little creative inspirational thinking. Here are some of the inspired ideas for themes which can enhance any cheap Christmas trees for sale and transform it into a spectacle of colour and light!

The Snow and Ice Christmas Tree

This totally cool look combines white with ice blue. Look out for some snowflake or icicle style lights and your Christmas tree can be transformed into the very image of a tree dripping with melting ice. Then swathe the branches with a spider’s web effect and white cotton balls, and your Christmas tree will be a picture of snow-heavy boughs in a real winter scene.

To add a finishing touch you could spray simulated snow generously over the branches to give a truly frosty appearance. Any fake Christmas trees for sale will be perfect for this effect, even if you choose to buy a pre-lit Christmas tree, but it will look absolutely stunning if you search for blue, purple, or red Christmas trees for sale.

The Peppermint Twist Christmas Tree

Any brilliant white pre-lit Christmas tree will look particularly stylish with this simple, minimalist theme. You need to buy an artificial Christmas tree that looks just right, then dangle as many red and white striped peppermint candy canes as you can find from the virgin white branches.

Christmas Trees For Sale

...brilliant white Christmas Tree

A large red and white lollipop will perfectly set this off on top of the tree, with a sunburst bouquet of candy canes surrounding it.

The Chocolate Gold Christmas Tree

The perfect choice for this theme would be a red artificial Christmas tree, also focusing on browns and gold which will enhance the underlying red. Gold and red lights a-twinkle will look really spectacular, the tree decorated with chocolate gold coins and gold foil wrapped walnuts and pinecones. Translucent gold and red ribbons tied to the ends of each branch will enhance the whole effect.

The Gingerbread Christmas Tree

If you buy a red or green artificial Christmas tree, then you could decorate it with gingerbread man cookies, and a display of candy canes. Not all your decorations need to be edible though. Try adding a selection of glass red balls and some velvet red bows with an ornament of snowflakes for a truly magical look.

You can also gain an icicle effect by spreading a white garland across the Christmas tree boughs, or perhaps offset the green with a tinsel garland of red.

The New Baby Tree Theme

Here is a superb way to celebrate a child’s first Christmas!

Why not look out for blue or pink artificial Christmas trees for sale? One of these will be just right (if you want the traditional boy and girl colours). Perhaps you should consider finding pre-lit Christmas trees for sale so that there are no separate lights and low hanging decorations to attract the little fingers.

However you may not want to deny yourselves the fun of decorating a Christmas tree. A pink or blue tree can look fantastic with a garnish of blue or lavender balls of frosted glass, offset by an accompaniment of green or pink Christmas balls. The finishing touch to the new baby Christmas tree could be cute baby toys, maybe little stuffed animals and wooden letters of the alphabet placed in the upper branches. Maybe some little baby booties and socks will set the whole scene perfectly? Buy a Christmas tree for baby – when the timing is right!

The Christmas Cocktail Party

Here is a personal favorite. It will look fantastic on any types of Christmas trees for sale on this site, big or small, and unless you decide to buy a pre-lit Christmas tree then you can try several different styles of lights for the cocktail effect, no matter ow kitsch!

Perhaps you could try some novelty lights draped across the Christmas tree, such as Pink Flamingos to emulate a Tikki cocktail party? Maybe a sophisticated martini bar atmosphere could be conjured up with a selection of coloured chili pepper lights! And of course, Chinese lantern shaped lights will set you back in the ’50s for one of the best looks ever!

Why not go the total cocktail party route and decorate the artificial Christmas tree with those little cocktail drink parasols and a few colourful cocktail sticks. To take on the cocktail look completely you can try decorating the Christmas tree with sparkly glitter and some plastic cocktail glasses. How about a cocktail to go with the look? Obviously some miniature bottle-shaped chocolate liqueurs will go down well!

Look out for a Christmas Trees For Sale cheap yet good quality (yes, they do exist, just take a look around this Christmas Trees For Sale Today site) and you can experiment with one of these ‘different’ interpretations of Christmas!

Christmas Trees For Sale around Oxford Today

Posted November 23rd, 2011 by Christmas is coming...

Your ultimate Christmas Tree is waiting for you to find it, in and around Oxford this Christmas. Look around Oxford Christmas Trees For Sale Today and we will help you discover – in the latest Oxfordshire (and Surrounding Areas) Christmas Tree Supplier Directory – the Christmas Tree which will fill your home with all your dreams this Christmas. Click here to take a look.

Like the song? “Something Heavenly” Click here for your download.

Which Christmas Tree Should I Buy?

A real, living tree or a fake one? Spruce, pine or fir? Will the tree fit in my house? Will it last the whole of Christmas and New Year?

Those are some of the thoughts you may be having before you buy just ‘any’ Christmas tree. In this short summary I will raise some of the considerations that you should take into account so that you can make an informed decision  rather than a panic buy. If today is Christmas Eve as you read this then you may need to think about panicking, and at that stage there is little point trying to find any Christmas trees for sale online! Nevertheless, I hope you will be able to find a local supplier on this site, and be able to make your choice calmly and thoughtfully so that you may brighten up your Christmas with that perfect Christmas Tree which is out there somewhere.

Artificial or Real?

Buying and looking after a real Christmas tree isn’t necessarily an easy matter. Your living tree needs maintenance, it must be watered regularly, particularly in a centrally-heated home which most will be around Oxford this time of year! Also, it is true to say that some people could be allergic to real Christmas trees. On the plus side, what can really match the smell of a fresh, live Christmas tree, which will look, well, truly magnificent. The choice of a cut tree will mean less maintenance, but will you be able to plant it outside for next Christmas? You could try!

What about the benefits of buying a fake Christmas tree? It should last for many Christmases, and it will be the same size and shape every Christmas so you will know just where it looks best. And, of course, you can buy a fake Christmas tree in pretty much any colour you like – even green! Perhaps you are looking for a pink Christmas Tree For Sale, maybe a silver Christmas tree will capture the imagination. Buy white Christmas tree, buy black Christmas tree, there is no shortage of distinctive and unusual Christmas trees for sale.

Buy Fibre Optic Christmas Trees Here

You may find fibre optic Christmas trees for sale throughout the year if you know where to look. All pre-lit Christmas trees will save you the bother of decorating if you consider that is a chore, and of course they will look particularly attractive at night-time. Another factor to consider is that artificial trees are available in a variety of different colours. Can you visualize a pristine white Christmas tree lit with blue lights, maybe decorated with matching blue ornaments and set off with a white garland to stunning effect?

Buy a Christmas Tree to fit the room

It can be a big mistake to buy a Christmas tree which overwhelms the room. No matter how beautiful your Christmas tree may be, you need to be able to move around it easily without brushing against its branches and spoiling the decorations.

Christmas Trees For Sale

Buy a Christmas Tree to fit the room!

You will, of course, need a large space beneath those spreading branches for when Santa comes to deliver the presents, but you should also ensure that you buy a Christmas tree which will fit into a space near to an electrical socket. You certainly do not want to have an electrical lead to trip over, and remember of course that Santa will be visiting at night when all is quiet and dark. As long as you do a little planning before you buy a Christmas tree then all will be well.

How many types of Christmas Trees for Sale???

Where do I start? You may need some ideas, so take a look at this brief list of the types of Christmas trees for sale.

You could buy a real live Christmas tree, a noble fir, maybe a Leland Cypress or find a nice Scotch pine Christmas tree for sale somewhere on this web site?

Is a fake tree a match for a real Christmas tree? Let’s see…

If you are setting out to buy an artificial Christmas tree, you should be able to find any of these fake Christmas trees for sale on this site:
a black Christmas tree, white Christmas tree, a red tree, a pink one, a silver one or maybe you will find one of those perfect purple Christmas trees for sale! How about a fibre optic Christmas tree, or a ceramic Christmas tree? A pre-lit Christmas tree will certainly save time and effort, as well as the expense of buying any Christmas tree decorations, but then you will miss the fun of decorating that bare Christmas tree in the corner of the room.

Whatever tree you choose, whether you buy a cheap Christmas tree or the most lavish one you can find, you can choose from a world of Christmas trees for sale offline in the ‘real’ world of Christmas trees in Oxford and round about Oxfordshire, or find out exactly where to buy Christmas trees online – right here.

Wherever you are, whatever you choose to do, Have a Happy Christmas!